From 1963 Bruns has been active in the integral development and realization of (interactive) exhibitions. We have long-standing experience and knowledge and will transform projects of all shapes and sizes into stunning results. Whether permanent or temporary, static or interactive, small or large, low or high budget, high tech or low tech. We are enthusiastic about each project.

Bruns will bring the stories from projects to life. We will find the core of the theme or its unique identity and translate these into indelible memories. Memories that the visitor will experience in every element, interaction and in the smallest details. In other words, Bruns will make the story readable and lets you experience the story.

For every project we will get the best out of ourselves to offer visitors a unique experience. Depending on the demand, we will put together a professional team with specialists. Your fixed team will communicate to you with one single point of contact through short lines of communication. As Bruns have all the required disciplines, the transition between these disciplines will seamlessly merge. As a result, our integrated way of working has no grey areas.

We will ensure the sustainable progress of the project, by realizing the project in the most effective way. This means transparent communication on the action plan to makes the project clear to both parties. Our specialists also add as much technical knowledge as possible in the preliminary phase. Our engineers ensure high-quality 3D Solidworks™ CAD drawings. In addition, we have the best high-tech machines to produce the products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. What we want to achieve is the very best quality, robustness and sustainability. We do everything to offer the visitor a maximum experience with educational value.

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Genk, Belgium

TECHville is a brand new experience space on the T2-Campus in Genk. An inspiring place that breathes

Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution

Ghent, Belgium

February 2020 the largest Jan van Eyck exhibition ever opened at the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) Ghent

Explore Zone

Kerkrade, Nederland

Look out your eyes in Continium’s totally revamped Explore Zone. An experience space where young a

Unilever - The Green Welcome Structure

Wageningen, The Netherlands

December 2019, the new Unilever Foods Innovation Centre (also known as HIVE) opened in Wageningen. I


Different locations

MUSIC! is an interactive traveling exhibition. The initiative of four museums: Museon (NL), Limburgs


Venlo, The Netherlands

The adventure of SuperSint is a brand new exhibition dedicated to the real Dutch children’s party:

Move Mobility Experience

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pon opens the MOVE Mobility Experience with the aim of making visitors of all ages think about the f

Victory & Sadness

Antwerp, Belgium

The temporary exhibition Victory & Sadness is all about the 75 years of liberation of Antwerp. A com

Dossier Oss - Temporarily exhibition

Buren, The Netherlands

Dossier Oss is about the occurrences around the ‘Bende van Oss”. In the period of 1890-1940 a nu

Naturalis - Biodiversity Center

Leiden, The Netherlands

Naturalis, the national research institute in the field of biodiversity, has reopened with a brand n

Suske and Wiske Museum

Kalmthout, Belgium

In the Suske and Wiske museum, visitors themselves go on strip tour. Cartoonist Willy Vandersteen ta


Brugge, Belgium

After a closure of almost five years, the doors of the Bruges Gruuthuse Palace have been reopened fo

Visit South Limburg Experience

Valkenburg a/d Geul, The Netherlands

“Our world changed and we change whit it”: said Anya Niewierra, Managing Director of visit South

'War - Occupation - Liberation'

Brussel, Belgium

War, occupation, liberation is the biggest national overview exhibition about the WWll. With more th

WOODlab Botanical Garden Meise

Meise, Belgium

In the WOODlab visitors can get, in a contemporary and interactive way,  acquainted with all aspect

Experimenta - Das Science Center

Heilbronn, Germany

Experimenta has reopened as Germany’s most innovative and largest science centre. Under the motto
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