From 1963 Bruns has been active in the integral development and realization of (interactive) exhibitions. We have long-standing experience and knowledge and will transform projects of all shapes and sizes into stunning results. Whether permanent or temporary, static or interactive, small or large, low or high budget, high tech or low tech. We are enthusiastic about each project.

Bruns will bring the stories from projects to life. We will find the core of the theme or its unique identity and translate these into indelible memories. Memories that the visitor will experience in every element, interaction and in the smallest details. In other words, Bruns will make the story readable and lets you experience the story.

For every project we will get the best out of ourselves to offer visitors a unique experience. Depending on the demand, we will put together a professional team with specialists. Your fixed team will communicate to you with one single point of contact through short lines of communication. As Bruns have all the required disciplines, the transition between these disciplines will seamlessly merge. As a result, our integrated way of working has no grey areas.

We will ensure the sustainable progress of the project, by realizing the project in the most effective way. This means transparent communication on the action plan to makes the project clear to both parties. Our specialists also add as much technical knowledge as possible in the preliminary phase. Our engineers ensure high-quality 3D Solidworks™ CAD drawings. In addition, we have the best high-tech machines to produce the products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. What we want to achieve is the very best quality, robustness and sustainability. We do everything to offer the visitor a maximum experience with educational value.

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Visitor Centre The Mauritshuis

Willemstad, The Netherlands

Visitor Centre The Mauritshuis is safely located by the water, hidden among nature and full of histo

Van Gogh in Brabant

Den Bosch, The Netherlands

North-Brabant is the birthplace of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1835 – 1890), one of the most f

VVV Inspiration Point Lochem

Lochem, The Netherlands

A new Inspiration Point in the Achterhoek!

Biesboschcentre Dordrecht

Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The interactive exhibition about the Biesbosch nature reserve was in need of renovation. 

Gallo Romans Museum

Tongeren, Belgium

The new temporary exhibition of Gallo Romans Museum.

Portopolis - Port of Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium

Portopolis, harbour pavilion located at the MAS in Antwerp has been rebranded as a visitor centre fo

STAM Ghent 'The story of Ghent'

Ghent, Belgium

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of STAM, city museum of Ghent, the permanent exhibition ‘T

VVV Inspiration Point Groenlo

Groenlo, The Netherlands

The new VVV Inspiration Point Groenlo takes the visitor into the history of Groenlo. 

What If

Bristol, England

What If, the new exhibition in the science centre We The Curious, Bristol

Fake for Real

Brussels, Belgium

Fake for Real - A history of forgery and falisifications

KBR Museum

Brussels, Belgium

The KBR, Royal Library of Belgium, opens its own museum in Brussels. The museum is devoted to the ri

Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

Paris, France

Palais Galliera, the fashion museum of Paris, presents the exhibition “Gabrielle Chanel – Manife

VVV Inspiration Point Ulft

Ulft, The Netherlands

At the DRU Industriepark in Ulft, the third VVV Inspiration Point of the Achterhoek is open. The new

VVV Inspiration Point Zutphen

Zutphen, The Netherlands

Zutphen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. A rich history of churches, warehouses, cour

VVV Inspiration Point Winterswijk

Winterswijk, The Netherlands

In the Achterhoek, the VVVs are working on a transformation from shop to inspiration point. The VVV

Holmegaard Works

Holmegaard, Denmark

Holmegaard Værk is a new hot spot for art-craftsmanship and tradition. At this place, iconic glass
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