Since 1963, Bruns has been active in the integral development and production of (interactive) exhibitions. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we delve deeply into our client’s story to transform projects - no matter the theme - into top-notch visitor experiences. Whether permanent or temporary, static or interactive, small or large, a low or high budget, high tech or low tech.

“All projects, from technical stories to stories about current topics in society, excite us.”

For each project, we pull out all the stops to provide visitors with a unique experience. Based on the requirements of the project, we put together a professional team of specialists. Using direct lines of communication, we communicate from within a dedicated team with a single point of contact. Bruns has all the necessary disciplines in-house, enabling them to flow seamlessly into one another. Our integral way of working ensures that there are no grey areas.

We ensure that the project proceeds smoothly and sustainably. We communicate clearly about the action plan, making the project transparent for both parties. Our specialists are involved in the project at an early stage, for the necessary technical knowledge. Our engineers provide high-quality 3D SolidworksTM CAD models. In addition, we have the best high-tech machinery, which allows us to produce the products efficiently and cost-effectively. We are only satisfied with the very best quality, robustness and longevity. Our goal: providing visitors with the most optimal experience that has inspiring educational value. Find out more about our working process here.

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St.Bernardus Brewery Tour

Watou, Belgium

The St.Bernardus brouwery in Watou (BE) has opened the ‘Brewery Tour’.

Stedelijk Museum Breda

Breda, The Netherlands

The Nassaus of Breda, the permanent exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Breda, offers a surprising lo

Inspiration Point De Groote Heide/Achelse Kluis

Hamont-Achel, Belgium

The Achelse Kluis in Hamont-Achel is the starting point for a nice walking or cycling tour through t

Van Gogh Village Museum

Nuenen, The Netherlands

The Van Gogh Village Museum centres the story of the life of art painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890

VVV Inspiration Point Gemert-Bakel

Gemert, The Netherlands

VVV Gemert-Bakel has been converted into the first Inspiration Point of Brabant.

Inspiration Point Doetinchem

Doetinchem, The Netherlands

On the ground floor of the old post office in Doetinchem, the Inspiration Point and city museum toge

Wissekerke Castle

Wissekerke, Belgium

Wissekerke Castle in the municipality of Kruibeke has been renovated and given a completely new expe

Sound & Vision

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Sound & Vision has opened the most interactive Media museum of the world.

Museum Jan Cunen - Villa Curiossa

Oss, The Netherlands

Villa Curiossa has opened at the Museum Jan Cunen. An exciting exhibition on the history of Oss. 

Navy Games - Marinemuseum

Den Helder, The Netherlands

The Marinemuseum in Den Helder has opened the exhibition Navy Games.

Henan Science Centre

Beijing, China

The Henan Science Centre has renewed an entire zone with exhibits.

Ghent Cemetery Parks

Ghent, Belgium

The Westerbegraafplaats is one of Ghent’s largest and most beautiful cemeteries. 

BIBLIA Het Bijbels Belevingscentrum

Brugge, België

The Bruges Bible Service has realised BIBLIA, the Bible experience centre, in the historic building

Lely Experience

Maassluis, The Netherlands

In the entrance hall of the renewed Lely Campus in Maassluis is a Lely Experience realised. 

Navy Museum 'Hidden Treasures'

Den Helder, The Netherlands

The new ‘Hidden Treasures’ room of the Navy Museum in Den Helder has become a multifunctional pl

What a building!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new temporary family exhibition in NEMO Science Museum is all about building, living and housing
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