Client: Cvba T2
Designer: Tinker Imagineers
Location: Genk, Belgium
Surface m2: 600
Realization: 20-02-2020
Disciplines: Interior, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics
Work fields: Visitor and Information centre
Themes: Icon ScienceIcon Technology

TECHville is a brand new experience space on the T2-Campus in Genk. An inspiring place that breathes technology. Technique and technology become visible for students, employees, entrepreneurs and job seekers. Thanks to TECHville now also especially for young people (10-18 years). The new space is aimed at groups of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 30 participants. As an team, visitors embark on an exciting technology adventure. Young people experience the impact of technology on their own environment and daily life. They learn about the physical phenomena STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering en Mathematics). School classes are the most suitable target group for a visit. The TECH-coach makes all students TECHproof and provides a WOW moment in class. Students discover their TECHtalent. Not only during the visit, but the T2-Campus also offers ready-made teaching packages as pre- and post-trajectory.

Bruns, together with Tinker Imagineers and Yipp was given responsibility for the total furnishing of the experience space. All parts were realized within the time frame.

The entire space is equipped with, among other things, an entrance, block landscape, various islands and graphs. What’s special about this project is that besides realizing it, Bruns also came up with the content for hands-on games. A skill that was previously outside the comfort zone, but with the right knowledge of specialists internally, has been accomplished. Ata Tech has provided the games in the room with the right hardware.
Unique parts in this project can certainly be named. A smart city has been built in the middle of the space. The city is connected to all the interactive games on the surrounding tables. A large system ensures that all tables, the city and screens respond to each other. The goal of the game: as a team to make the city smarter and smarter. The block landscape is also a special element. The design is implemented in the entire space from floor to wall. Also new to Bruns within this project is that the games require quite a long playing time of about 15 to 30 minutes. TECHville wants to allow young people to play with one exhibit for a longer period of time, thus creating a high level of education.

In short, a project with various challenges, which Bruns and the other parties have tackled with both hands.

Photography:Tinker Imagineers

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