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We have had experience in the field of mechatronics since 1963. This technological discipline consists of a combination of measurement, electrical and control technology. These technologies form the basis of contemporary interactive hands-on exhibits and exhibitions. Our mechatronics specialists work every day to process the electro technical solutions in our exhibits.

The great diversity of projects requires a lot of attention for the realization of exhibits. These differ in character and are very varied with respect to their applications. As a result, the mechatronics content for one exhibit is greater than for others. The life-size "Pinball area" is an example of an area in a project consisting of high-quality mechatronic exhibits. This area contains a combination of sensors, circuits, PLC control, lifts as well as point counts.

Starting from our interest in the opportunities that this technology offers, we have specialized in robotics. Robots are increasingly used in new exhibitions. In some exhibitions as a theme, but also as technical solutions to achieve the required effects. The expansion of our current technologies with robotics makes our products more innovative. Bruns uses different types of robots in exhibitions, including social robots like Nao, but also industrial robots from the Automotive Industry.

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