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The purpose of visitor and information centres is to inform visitors about specific themes. Bruns is well-known for their creation and realization of visitor and information centres, both informative and interactive. We have various in-house disciplines such as interior, multimedia and graphics. We can take full responsibility for the complete realization. If we provide a turnkey solution you can focus on the development of the content.

An information centre may explain the flora and fauna in the environment of nature reserves. Or inform tourists about the local sights. Or provide information about the production process of a product or certain services.

It is essential that the transfer of information is clear and, of course, suitable for all visitors. Visitors will interpret stories in their own way, so the diversity of visitors requires several layers of information. Some visitors want brief but clear information. Other visitors prefer more in-depth information. For the required information transfer, Bruns will build in several layers in the content of every story. It is important that every visitor of the information centre has access to the information offered.

Visitor centres mostly focus on experience communication. This means stimulating the senses and addressing perceptions of values and emotions. For communication to stand out and capture the visitor’s attention it needs to have these aspects. Stories that are brought to life will be remembered. We must always create experiences that are spectacular, surprising and meaningful. To Bruns experience and interaction are central. Visitor centres want to receive visitors in a unique way and inspire them on the subject in question.

“Guests expect more perception of experience and interaction, and this new point of inspiration fully responds to that. Also for residents the visit is more than worth it "- Jeroen den Hollander, Chairman Tourist Information Goeree-Overflakkee

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Dessel, Belgium

Tabloo is a visitor and meeting centre about radioactivity and radioactive waste in Dessel, Belgium.

VVV Inspiration Point Lochem

Lochem, The Netherlands

A new Inspiration Point in the Achterhoek!

Biesboschcentre Dordrecht

Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The interactive exhibition about the Biesbosch nature reserve was in need of renovation. 

Portopolis - Port of Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium

Portopolis, harbour pavilion located at the MAS in Antwerp has been rebranded as a visitor centre fo
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