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Bruns has the aim to offer unique experiences to visitors of the projects that our team  realized. On national as well as international levels! A project’s uniqueness may be its special story, a special object or the unparalleled experience. Clients and designers know that cooperation with Bruns will guarantee a pleasant and reliable partnership. Our central focus is always the client’s goal to have satisfied visitors. The added value of our museum designs is our special, integrated working method. We have the required in-house disciplines. To you as a client, this means a seamless transition from one discipline to the next and no grey areas. Our lines of communication are short and open. You will communicate with one professional project team.

We will ensure your project’s persistent progress and realize it in the most effective way. At Bruns, we know more than anybody else about the complexity of the development and realization of projects with integrated disciplines. You will benefit from our long-standing knowledge and expertise. Expertise that we developed by museum designs at home and abroad. Experience gained in small and large exhibitions, design and / or build and static or interactive. Everything from low to high budget projects.

You can also come to Bruns for smaller exhibitions or temporary ones. Our wide range of disciplines may be of great value to you. Our practical knowledge and skills and our capacity to switch directly will ensure fast and effective solutions. For these and other projects we can provide the right transition from design to realization and achieve your objectives with regard to education, information and experience.

We will turn the idea behind your exhibition into the best story for your visitors and convey this story in an inspiring manner. Only the best storyline with the required layers of information and education will bring a great personal experience. Your visitors will feel comfortable and experience the exhibition as a unique place where perception and imagination meet. This will have a positive effect planning repeat visits.

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Berlin Wall Showcases

Brussels, Belgium

We installed outdoor showcases for two original segments of the Berlin Wall in Brussels. 

Vrak - Museum of Wrecks

Stockholm, Zweden

Vrak – Museum of Wrecks is a brand new maritime archaeological museum in the middle of Stockholm,

Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort

Den Haag, The Netherlands

Rijksmuseum de Gavangenpoort tells the story of crime and punishment from the 15th to the 19th centu

Visitor Centre The Mauritshuis

Willemstad, The Netherlands

Visitor Centre The Mauritshuis is safely located by the water, hidden among nature and full of histo
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