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The management of weaving mill De Ploeg believed that workers should be given pleasant and green surroundings to work in, and therefore aimed for a harmonious model, combining industry and nature. They wanted a landscape park, for which garden and landscape architect Mien Ruys – the authority on green space – was commissioned. Rietveld and Ruys were a perfect match.

Both were driven by the desire to make good design accessible for the general public, based on ideas of functionalism and standardisation. The factory and park were completed in 1958.

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Apart from the factory and the park, Bergeijk is also the location of two houses, a bus shelter and a clock designed by Rietveld, and several (school) gardens and public gardens designed by Mien Ruys. This ‘Rietveld & Ruys’ heritage can be found in an area of just a few square kilometres. Second only to Utrecht, Bergeijk has the most Rietveld objects; unique for the Netherlands in combination with the work of Mien Ruys.

For decades, the internationally renowned Ploeg fabrics were designed in Bergeijk and furniture brand ’t Spectrum also has its origins in this town. Both companies worked with major designers. Bergeijk was seen as a role model for the rest of the world.

In the mid-20th century, Bergeijk was the ‘creative centre of the world’. Here, new ideas with regard to living, design and architecture flourished and there was a buzz of progressiveness. Bergeijk was synonymous with interior fabrics and furniture of high quality and top design. The progressive climate in Bergeijk contributed to the emergence of an appreciation for ‘Dutch Design’.

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Bruns & De Ploeg

Bruns has a strong affinity with the modernist tradition in Bergeijk. Just like weaving mill De Ploeg did, Bruns combines modern craftsmanship with creativity.

“We may be a company based on technology, but we have a great affinity with creativity.”

Our expertise is in finding creative solutions to ensure that an exhibition is experienced to the max. This requires craftsmanship, insight and flexibility. Keeping an open mind for new methods, materials and techniques.

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