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For us - as a developer and producer of exhibitions, exhibits and display cases - sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are very important. We bring stories to life visually and create an optimal visitor experience. An experience that allows visitors to form their own opinions on the topic of the exhibition they’re visiting. Telling stories about current issues in society and explaining how technology works contributes to people’s understanding of the world. For we are convinced that people get a fuller picture of reality if we not only inform them, but if they can also feel, experience and immerse themselves in it.

“We believe that when you understand the world better, you also take care of it better, with more awareness”

Not only in storytelling, but also in how we work as developers and producers, we want to leave the world a better place for the next generation. We do this through the following:

  • To use the daylight with maximum effect, we have fitted an advanced LED lighting system with daylight control.
  • We have 1311 solar panels with a total capacity of 448.56 kWp which accounts for an annual output of 357.45 MWh. With this, we largely provide for the green generation of our energy
  • We have smart charging stations with 12 charging points that can also be used by our employees and visitors. The intelligent charging system ensures optimal interaction between the charging of the electric vehicles and the self-generated solar energy.
  • Hardware, machines, installations and lighting not in use are automatically switched off.
  • We reuse heat through our heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Our office is air-conditioned by a VRF heat pump system.
  • Waste production is avoided as much as possible. If waste is produced, it is collected separately and returned to the supplier for recycling or processing into new products.
  • We have set up a recycling centre where waste is sorted via separate waste streams.
  • Our production equipment and machines undergo preventive and innovative maintenance.
  • We select hardware on the basis of low energy consumption.
  • LED-based lighting where possible.
  • Waste of materials is minimized by using CNC machines with nesting software.
  • We use FSC-certified wood.
  • For graphics, we use environmentally friendly materials and inks.
  • Paint jobs are only carried out in our spray booth, which meets all environmental requirements.
  • We use paint that is as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Chemical waste is stored and disposed of separately.
  • Bruns has the ambition to gradually change the design engineering process from the Cradle-to-Grave principle to the Cradle-to-Cradle production process.
  • Bruns uses a database containing Cradle-to-Cradle certified products and materials.
  • Engineering and production within Bruns have been set up according to the Lean® principle. Our engineers design in SolidWorks and use the Life Cycle Assessment tool.

Bruns’ policy is to travel as environmentally friendly as possible by using carpooling and making the fleet electrical/hybrid. Video conferencing is organised to minimise travel and emissions. For regular transport, we work with an international ‘green’ transport company.

Bruns strives to fully integrate and test all exhibition components prior to installation. This means that both the transport and on-site construction are as efficient as possible.

Bruns uses materials and products that are provided with a certificate or statement that clearly shows the traceability and composition of the product.

Bruns applies the highest environmental requirements and standards in its processes. And we expect the same from our suppliers. The aspect of sustainability is taken into account in the selection of suppliers.

Bruns is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA certified. With regard to quality, safety and health, we guarantee the highest standards.

Social sustainability and CSR

Working together

Bruns attaches great value to the ‘People Planet Profit’ philosophy. We have enhanced this by defining guidelines within Bruns’ policy to ensure the best possible implementation.

  • Respect for each other is part of Bruns’ core values. Whether this is among employees, in communications with our clients or working with other team members on site. We seek to work with partners who, like Bruns, are committed to a safe, respectful working environment where gender equality and inclusion are a matter of course.
  • Bruns is an accredited work placement company. We train skilled workers and employ an average of five young employees in block or day release apprenticeship training. They are guided by Bruns’ experienced professionals to obtain a qualification and master the craft.
  • Bruns also offers a protected workplace for people with poor job prospects.

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Visitor centre De Ploeg

Bruns is located in national monument De Ploeg, where we have a visitor centre with showroom that is open to the public. The visitor centre is open on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and is free of charge. We facilitate an exhibition space for both established and starting artists and designers.

Mien Ruys park

Our building, national monument De Ploeg, is surrounded by 13 hectares of the Mien Ruys park. The park has a public character and is an extension of the visitor centre. Bruns encourages the organisation of public events, to give the park a more prominent role in the town centre of Bergeijk. By increasing community involvement, the park maintains its lively character and its cultural-historical value continues to be brought to the attention of the wider general public. Concrete examples:

  • Rietveld walking trail and Rietveld safari
  • Annual Ploeg Festival: free festival for young and old
  • Social-cultural event ‘Image & Experience’: live sculpting
  • National Tree Day: children from local primary schools are invited to plant new trees together with Bruns

Mien Ruys Park

Proud family business

Bruns is a family business with 90% of its employees living in the vicinity. Bruns attaches great importance to good employment practices and we look after our employees well. We have an active staff association that represents the interests of all employees and organises social/cultural events.


Bruns gives back part of its operating profit to society in the form of sponsorships and donations to local initiatives.


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