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Commitment and quality are among the core values of Bruns. We are dedicated to working intensively with designers and clients to achieve the desired end result.


Orientation phase

A project starts with an orientation phase in which we jointly discuss and fine-tune the plan of action and schedule.

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Development phase

The development of a concept or design is often a dynamic and iterative process. In this phase, we investigate together whether the design is technically feasible within schedule and within budget and whether there are any points for improvement.
In brainstorming sessions we discuss all possible questions that are still outstanding or that could lead to better solutions. The purpose of these sessions is to carefully consider a design before it is actually realised. Can the design be made as intended? Are the right materials being used? Could it be done smarter and more sustainable?

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Realisation phase

Once the design has received final approval, Bruns has all the necessary disciplines in-house to realise every aspect of the project in an integrated manner. The installation of the hardware and the installation of the software also take place within Bruns. A major advantage of this is that the entire exhibition can be tested during the shop approval prior to the actual installation.

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Installation phase

Following successful shop approval, all components are prepared for transport. Once at the location, the assembly process is supervised by the same production and project managers who have been involved in the project from the very beginning. After the installation, the test period starts. If necessary, final adjustments are made, after which the project is delivered.

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The warranty is discussed and, if required, Bruns can offer a tailor-made service contract that includes preventive, corrective and innovative maintenance.


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