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As a multi-discipline partner, Bruns is unrivalled in its diversity of in-house material techniques and specialisms. Our business premises are divided into three large segments. The middle segment houses the open-plan office. This is where you will find our project management team, as well as our engineering, purchasing, commercial and service departments. On one side of the open-plan office is the technical workshop. Here, you will also find our specialists in mechatronics and robotics. And on the other side is the interiors workshop. In addition to these workshops, there are various specialised departments such as: graphics, electronics, 3D printing, milling and spraying. We also have a high-end glass processing hall for manufacturing display cases and other glass interior elements. And for lighting tasks, we work with our in-house technical specialists.

“Our premises are excellently equipped and fully meet today’s requirements.”

The building benefits from a logical layout that ensures efficient routing within the internal logistics process. Because of the many disciplines within our team, we are able to realise projects with a static character as well as projects that involve high-end technology. Besides designing complete exhibition interiors, we also produce technology-based and static models; in other words exhibits, scale models and works of art.

Bruns Interieur


Make stories speak for themselves in the furniture or the overall design of the room.

Bruns Pijl
Bruns Vitrines


A glass case or bell jar in which collection items are kept and exhibited.

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Bruns Grafisch


The visual design of ideas in a presentation of text and images.

Bruns Pijl
Bruns Mechatronica Robotica

Mechatronics, Robotics

The basis of contemporary interactive hands-on exhibits and exhibitions.

Bruns Pijl
Bruns Audiovisuele Hardware Multimedia

Audio-visual and multimedia

Let visitors experience a film or game in a digital environment.

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Bruns Verlichting

Museum Lighting

To highlight an object, to create an atmosphere or as part of an interactive experience.

Bruns Pijl

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