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‘Curiosity’ is what our team drives. We are eager to discover the unique identity, the core of the story behind every project, be it small or large. We believe that it will not really come to life until the visitor can touch it.

Each day our team embarks on new journeys of discovery with the intention of transferring stories into experiences. Experiences that makes jaws drop. We will let the visitor step into the story and experience everything told. Bruns will have the story speak in every element, interaction and in the smallest detail.

“Our aim for every project is to offer the visitor a maximum perception experience with educational value. We think in solutions, are flexible and only accept the best result! ”

We have been active in the museum world since 1963. In the meantime, we have grown into an internationally acknowledged strong family business creating our distinct profile at home and abroad. We like to tell our story of the listed building De Ploeg, our proud location since 2017. This historic building, designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld, is the location where projects are turned into unique results.

What we do

Since 2017 we have brought back to life the former weaving De Ploeg located in Bergeijk. In other words, the "creative centre of the world" in the 20th century. The factory is surrounded by the nature of the beautiful Ploegpark, designed by landscape architect Mien Ruys. After the acquisition, the function as a factory was restored to its former glory in the days when the famous Ploeg fabrics were woven. In the footsteps of the former factory workers we now develop high-quality exhibitions and exhibits for museums, science centres, information centres, visitor centres and brand experience centres.

We will be happy to show you more of the Bruns' working method. We receive visitors in our showroom and the first introductory meetings are held in our meeting rooms. We would like to take you to our 11,000 m² of business premises where all stages of our work can be seen. Our building has a logical layout ensuring efficient routing within the internal logistics process. The building is divided into three major segments. The middle segment is designed as an office garden, with the technical workshop on one side and the interior workshop on the other.

In the office garden ideas, designs and objectives of the story are translated into technical drawings. When a technical drawing is ready for production it is transferred to the technical and interior workshop. Then, when the end product leaves our premises, our team will set up its realization at the project location. 


Bruns has the policy that our clients can rely on us. We promise to be a reliable partner. This reliability is reflected in our certification. We are proud of our ISO 9001: 2015 certificate - the well-known quality mark - and the VCA * (2017 / 6.0) mark; a standard in safety. Both certificates are renewed every year after strict audits. That way you know that to us quality and safety are most important.

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More information?
For more information about Bruns and our production facilities, we would like to invite you to visit our inspiring location De Ploeg. Use the form below and we contact you as soon as possible.
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