Client: Parkschap National Park De Biesbosch
Designer: BOS & BOS
Location: Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Realization: 31-03-2021
Disciplines: Interior, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics
Work fields: Visitor and Information centre
Themes: Icon Nature

The interactive exhibition about the Biesbosch nature reserve was in need of renovation. 

“The building is eighteen years old now, so it is in dire need of renovation and refurbishment!”, manager Biesboschcentre Dordrecht Henk van Gurp.

Together with design agency BOS & BOS, Bruns has developed and implemented a total new interactive exhibition. The new expo focuses on five major themes: the beaver, the pilot whales, water, birds and plants. “The expo is not really a exhibition, but more of an incentive to go outside. The idea is to experience the Biesbosch”, tells van Gurp.

The exhibition furniture is adapted to five different lines that criss-cross the centre. Visitors pick up information through each line by integrated multimedia in image and sound, presented collection pieces in showcases, drawers, an interactive table and a lot of graphic provided by The Biesboschcentre.

In short, a location where there is much to experience for young and old.

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