Client: City Brugge
Designer: noAarchitecten, Madoc
Location: Brugge, Belgium
Surface m2: 2200
Realization: 23-05-2019
Disciplines: Interior, Showcases, Museum lighting
Work fields: Museum
Themes: Icon History

After a closure of almost five years, the doors of the Bruges Gruuthuse Palace have been reopened for the general public. In a new museum concept, the 600 collection items shine in different halls. The visitor travels under the motto ‘Plus est en vous’ by Lodewijk van Gruuthuse, diplomat and founder of the city palace, through three crucial periods of the rich Bruges history. 
Not only the collection tells the visitor about the history, also the architecture of the palace is very impressive. The combination of highly decorated and sober halls, large and small rooms and the many (spiral) staircases make the museum trail an exciting exploration. As a visitor you walk in the footsteps of the many previous residents and users of the historic building, which stimulates you imagination and gives you direct access to the past.

Bruns has realized, in cooperation with noAarchitecten and Modac, the exhibition furniture for the renewed Gruuthusemuseum, the welcome pavilion and the educative rooms. There is created a total experience of all the museum spaces. All the rooms tells the story, as it were. The hanging and display of collection items happens in that context too. It are rooms where people like to stay and want to look around. 

Photography: Mathias Desmet, Sarah Bouwens, Dominique Provost and Inge Kinnet

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