Client: Continium Discovery Center
Designer: MMEK'
Location: Kerkrade, Nederland
Surface m2: 1350
Realization: 22-12-2019
Disciplines: Interior, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics
Work fields: Museum
Themes: Icon NatureIcon ScienceIcon Technology

Look out your eyes in Continium’s totally revamped Explore Zone. An experience space where young and old discover how the world around them is changing through 21st-century science and technology. The visitor looks ahead to the future in six different themes: Food, Health, Work and Leisure, Life, Materials and Engergy & IT. Visitors can see in the fortune tent what they will look later, put houses on dry land and stack hamburgers as sustainably as possible in the food truck. In addition, current elements such as: recognizing fake news, future professions and robotization are discussed.
Director Hans Gubbels: “With the new set-up of the Explore Zone, we want to encourage our visitors to discover for themselves and to experience what current developments mean for visitors personally. Ultimately, of course, visitors make their own choice or and hoe they want to use new technologies. It is important not only to be aware of new possibilities, but also to think critically about them. Visitors are asked challenging dilemmas in the Explore Zone.

In this project, Bruns worked together very intensively with the client: Continium. The designed exhibits have been further developed technically and brought to a final design. Each exhibit has been carefully examined and elaborated. This is what Bruns definitely calls a ‘Design and Build’ project.

Not all the exhibits of the exhibition are made through Bruns. Continium has also realized a number of exhibits itself. Which means it’s been an intensive process to match everything in colour, shape, appearance, material etc.

Bruns made exhibits in themes such as: Food, Health, Life, Materials and Engergy & IT. Exhibits have been incorporated into forms like: Fortune tent, Food truck, House, scale blow-up and the human body.

The Explore zone is a space that was previously used as an exhibition space. The old exhibits have been removed by the customer himself. A number of these have been used in the new design. The old exhibits suitable for the redeveloped exhibits for Bruns have been brought to Bruns. They were then neatly incorporated into the engineering process, built into the exhibits and transported back to Continium as a complete exhibit. In cooperation with YiPP, the digital media applications of the exhibits were taken care of.


Photography: Continium Discovery Center

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