Client: NEMO Science Museum
Designer: Designwolf
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Surface m2: 250
Realization: 09-07-2022
Disciplines: Interior, Graphics
Work fields: Science centre
Themes: Icon Technology

The new temporary family exhibition in NEMO Science Museum is all about building, living and housing.  

As a visitor, you go on an adventure and check out the technology hidden in walls of a house. You will also discover the building of the future. You can learn about concrete printing, discover how heavy work can be left to robots and see the possibilities in building materials from waste. The exhibition includes five biobased houses, in which no fewer than 30 different materials made from waste can be used as roofs, walls or floors. Everything under the sign of sustainable building.

Bruns realised the entire exhibition in collaboration with the client NEMO, designer Designwolf and Biobased Creations. Besides the biobased houses, various interactive furniture have been realised. Visitors can try out how to build a high tower that cannot be blown over, discover on which foundation a house stands most firmly or learn about the fast way of building prefabricated houses.

Photo: NEMO Science Museum- Digidaan

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