Client: VVV Goeree-Overflakkee
Designer: Potztausend
Location: Ouddorp, The Netherlands
Surface m2: 185
Realization: 01-03-2019
Disciplines: Interior, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics
Work fields: Visitor and Information centre
Themes: Icon Leisure

The tourist office Goeree-Overflakkee established in ‘t Blaeuwe Huus in Ouddorp is no longer reminiscent of a traditional tourist office. The visitor can, in a contemporary and interactive way, explore what to see and do at Goeree-Overflakkee in the new inspiration point. With his tourist office, moderator Jeroen den Hollander want to fill in the hospitality in a modern way: “We want to receive guests in a unique way and inspire them to discover more of our beautiful island. The guests expects more and more experience and interaction and this new inspiration point fully responds to that. In addition to visitors, it is also interesting for residents to visit.” Alderman Tea Both agrees with Jeroen; “The new tourist inspiration point is really special, an asset to the island.” This project was created under the leadership of Patrick Polie of DestinatieX.

Bruns, in cooperation with design agency Potztausend and Tekst en Uitleg, has applied experience in different ways in the new inspiration point.

There is an interactive table that shows the highlights of the island through projection. Visitors have via a big touchscreen influence at which theme becomes visible on the table. When the choice is made, the location appears on the table, at the touchscreens information and at the big wall behind the table photo’s about that area. Also visitors can see a video about the island in a counterfeit interior of an old RTM tram, where movement effects in the benches feel like you’re actually taking a tram ride. Further down the inspiration point, famous residents of Goeree-Overflakkee, such as Dave von Raven and Richard Groenendijk, talk about their favourite places on the island. Also there is a pop-up museum with mini exhibitions of museums.   

In short stories from the surroundings are told, partly through the audio-visuals and animations of Create, in a museum way. The themes nature, water, cultural history and heritage are central to this. Water is a very important theme for the island. Attention has been paid by projecting water sports images and current weather conditions such as; wind speed and wave height on real surf sails. The visitor can also choose a fish menu on a culinary table, which appears on a plate with an explanation of the fish in question.

Photography: Wim van Vossen

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