Client: Holmegaard Værk
Designer: Jens Ole Platz
Location: Holmegaard, Denmark
Surface m2: 2500
Realization: 03-06-2020
Disciplines: Interior, Showcases, Graphics
Work fields: Visitor and Information centre
Themes: Icon History

Holmegaard Værk is a new hot spot for art-craftsmanship and tradition. At this place, iconic glass items were conceived, shaped and born. The brand new museum capturing the essence of a long Danish history of glass, ceramic and design. Since 2008 Holmegaard Glassworks closed down. The works was abounded and left cold and quit. Now, life is back!

The new hot spot raise Danish design tradition to a level where it has not been since the 1950s and 1960s. The visitors are invited into a world of tradition, art-craftsmanship and beautiful visions. This museum takes everyone back to the artists ‘drawing board, where ingenious ideas became beautiful lines. As visitor you learn about a workplace, where a son follows in his father’s footsteps and were hard labour, stubbornness and curiosity pay off.

Holmegaard Works is a story about the past as inspiration for the future.


Photography: Emilia Therese

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