Client: Pon
Designer: Onne Brouwer, Designwolf
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Realization: 01-10-2019
Disciplines: Interior, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics
Work fields: Brand experience centre
Themes: Icon Leisure

Pon opens the MOVE Mobility Experience with the aim of making visitors of all ages think about the future of mobility. Because of the busier cities, is this very important. MOVE is the first experience in the Netherlands which are designed totally in this theme. During an interactive journey, the visitor discovered the history and future about mobility.
Pon is the biggest mobility group of the Netherlands. The brands Gazelle, Swapfiets, Caterpillar, Greenwheels, Shuttel, Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, Porsche and Bentley belong to its products and services package. The realisation of the new experience contribute directly to the liveability of the city Amsterdam. Various forms of partial transport are offered from a hub, such as the electric bicycle and car.

In cooperation with Yipp and Designwolf, Bruns developed five interactive games for the experience centre. Games that guide young and old along past, present and future of mobility.

Pon is not just about future cars. One of the five exhibits ‘Cycling city’, for example, focuses on bicycle travel. Two persons can racing against the clock via a cycle simulator. They drive through the landscape of the future and experience the benefits of a fast bicycle relative to the car. Not only the future, but also the history of mobility is highlighted. The visitor has the possibility to leaf through a big database with information by clicking on interactive pucks on the touchtable ‘History of the future’. Information in the form of old illustrations and posters which are giving an impression of how the people of the past fantasized about the future of mobility. This yields amazing insights that have even partly become reality.
The ‘Shuttle’ is a game where it is about finding the most effective route. Via an interactive table gets the players an assignment to travel from A to B by any desired means of transport. The player who makes the right choices wins. Besides the Shuttle, the game ‘Power future energy’ is also about making the Netherlands greener. The player gets a project on the big interactive map of the Netherlands and chooses the right resources that are as sustainable as possible to complete. When this game is played with 4 players and everyone makes the right choice, the furniture lights up in green and sound effects are audible.
Finally, is the dynamic of the city in the exhibit ‘City in motion’ brought to light. Tens Pon model cars are lifted up by using a lifting mechanism. Once the model cars are upstairs, they find their way down through 4 lanes that crisscross each other. The impressive effect that arises was conceived from a wink to the art Metropolis 2 of artist Chris Burden.

Pon has the ambition to change the theme of the museum every nine months in the Move mobility experience centre. The exhibits developed are of course suitable for this.

Photo: Sara-Dona Manev

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