Client: Th Royal Library of Belgium
Designer: Bailleul Design Agency
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Surface m2: 1200
Realization: 18-09-2020
Disciplines: Interior, Showcases, Audio-visual and multimedia, Graphics, Museum lighting
Work fields: Museum
Themes: Icon ArtIcon History

The KBR, Royal Library of Belgium, opens its own museum in Brussels. The museum is devoted to the richly decorated manuscripts of the Burgundian court. In other words, the librije of the Dukes of Burgundy. A treasure chest that opens and where the 600 years of hidden gems are exhibited to the general public.
The 280 preserved manuscripts have recently been restored and are presented in a highly narrative scenography. ‘We want to make the historical sensation of the Middle Ages tangible’, says interim director Sara Lammens, ‘Aiming as widely as possible: at Brussels residents and tourists, connoisseurs and families.’

Together with partners, Bailleul design agency and Ata Tech, Bruns was able to realise the brand new museum. Bruns was responsible for the (interactive) furniture including integration of hardware and graphics, for the multimedia experience with interactive audiovisual set-ups, Bailleul design office for the design and Ata Tech for the lighting.

Photography: @Creativeroom

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KBR Museum

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The KBR, Royal Library of Belgium, opens its own museum in Brussels. The museum is devoted to the ri

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