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We are currently working on projects at home and abroad.

We are working on project for

Liaoning Science and Technology Museum

    Location: Shenyang, China
    Authority: Easson (Beijing) Science and Technology Co. LTD
    Design: Archimedes exhibitions  
    Expected completion: 2nd quarter 2015

Hoerbiger Forum

    Location: Wien, Austria
    Authority: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH 
    Design: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
    Expected completion: 3rd quarter2015

Bezoekerscentrum De Nederlandsche Bank 

    Location: Amsterdam, Nederland 
    Authority: De Nederlandsche Bank 
    Design: DST – het experience bureau 
    Expected completion: 3e kwartaal 2015

Fit-out Stowe House

    Location: Buckingham, England
    Authority: OPERA Amsterdam
    Design: OPERA Amsterdam
    Expected completion 3rd quarter 2015

Vitrines Durham Cathedral

    Location: Durham, Engeland 
    Authority: Durham Cathedral
    Design: Studio MB
    Expected completion: 3rd quarter 2015

Esplora Science Center 

    Location: Kalkara, Malta
    Authority: MCST Malta Council for Science and Technology
    Design: NorthernLight
    Expected completion: 4th quarter 2015

Belevingscentrum Balenberg

    Location: Tremelo, Belgium
    Authority: Toerisme Vlaams Brabant vzw
    Design: Fugzia
    Expected completion: 4th quarter 2015

FIFA World Football Museum

    Location: Zurich, Swiss
    Authority: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
    Design: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
    Expected completion: 4th quarter 2015

Schatkamer Basiliek Tongeren

    Location: Tongeren, Belgium
    Authority: Verstraete | Vanhecke
    Design: Architectenbureau Michel Janssen
    Expected completion: 1st quarter 2016

Konya Science Center

    Location: Konya, Turkey
    Authority: Tübitak
    Design: Liberty Science Center Experience
    Expected completion: 2e kwartaal 2016

Experience Centre Nestlé

    Location: Vevey, Swiss 
    Authority: Tinker Imagineers
    Design: Tinker Imagineers
    Expected completion: 2nd quarter 2016

Espace des Rennes

    Location: Rennes, France
    Authority: Espace des Science
    Design: Espace des Science
    Expected completion: 3rd quarter 2016

Temporary Exhibition House of European History

    Location: Brussel, Belgium
    Authority: European Parliament
    Design: Kossmann.dejong
    Expected completion: 4th quarter 2016

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