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Bruns is completely surrounded by nature, the beautiful Ploegpark, designed by garden architect Mien Ruys.

In addition to our green location, Bruns implements set improvement targets in the area of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore during the renovation of the National Monument De Ploeg, our business premises, Bruns applied various sustainability- measures. The roof of the glass processing hall acquitted itself excellently, due to its south-facing position, for solar panels. At the time, Bruns installed 680 solar panels. The generated green electricity is directly usable inside and outside by our employees and visitors. At the moment, our six electric/ hybrid cars are charged by it and there are also charging points available for visitors. The aim of Bruns is to be 100% electric/hybrid fleet by 2025. 

Read here all the applied sustainability measures during the renovation of our building:

  • The building was designed by Gerrit Rietveld in such a way that it is flooded with natural daylight. To use this daylight with maximum effect, we have fitted an advanced LED lighting system with daylight control. The system measures the required amount of lux from daylight and only supplements additional lighting if necessary. Furthermore, many rooms are fitted with motion sensors so the LED lighting only comes on with people present.
  • Hardware and machines that are not in use are automatically switched off to avoid standby energy consumption of electricity.
  • We benefit from an energy-efficient heating system based on slow heating from the floor up. We reuse the heated air in our extraction systems so it is not discharged directly outside, but filtered and blown back in our factory.
  • We use a cyclic self-cleaning system for the machines in the glass factory. With this system, the water is continuously reused. We have fitted a dosing system on taps to reduce water consumption.
  • Waste production is avoided as much as possible. If waste is produced, it is collected separately and, as far as possible, returned to the supplier for recycling or processing into new products.
  • We have set up a recycling centre where waste is sorted via separate waste streams. We separate the waste from wood, glass, metals, paper and chemical waste.
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