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We feel part of the family with Museon and are very happy that we were allowed to create the exhibit One Planet again. An exhibition with a special vision and message for visitors.

Museon opened its new permanent exhibition "One Planet" on the 24th of October 2016. Both the audience and stakeholders were extremely positive about the spectacular exhibition. We and Museon are proud of what we have achieved with this exhibition, and also the fact that we were able to develop the project within the set budget and deadline. Museon describes Bruns as a solution orientated party that emphasises creation, high quality and durable exhibits. Museon is more than pleased with Brun's project management, engineering and performance. They always find the cooperation to be extremely constructive and professional. Their beautiful words and compliments for our team make it all worth wile.

One Planet is an exhibition based on four main themes: water, food, energy and identity. The four themes were worked out during the research and design phase in individual interactive components. The themes linked up perfectly to the durable development goals of the United Nations (determined in September 2015) and it was therefore decided to connect the exhibition explicitly to these goals. This gives the exhibition a unique positioning offering visitors a clear international perspective of the future.

It was originally planned to deliver the exhibition in stages with the final end date in March 2017. It was, however, more practical and financially more attractive for the museum to complete the delivery in one time. The work started at the end of 2015, and the delivery was made on the 15th of October 2016. In the period leading up to the official opening, trial runs were done with the new set-up. More than 10,000 visitors visited the exhibition in the first week and the reactions were unanimously positive.

In comparison to the exhibition "Your world, my world" (One Planet's predecessor also created by Bruns), the number of exhibited items was doubled with more attention and focus on the presentation of the collection. Directly related collection items are displayed with the interactive exhibition elements. We have also developed glass showcases with collections organised per theme. They support the entire story and provide an extra dimension.

The renovation consists of 4 theme rooms and an introduction. It features a total of 17 interactive set-ups, two intro/outro pieces of furniture and we have developed, produced and installed 6 large and 2 extra large collection showcases. There is a special set-up of OLED screens in the middle of the exhibition in the form of a circle. We suspended a remarkable set-up with 5 large screens in the mezzanine as a reference to the exhibition. It is noteworthy to mention that apart from the exhibition we also renewed the lighting. All existing lamps were replaced by LED lighting. A large investment but a more durable solution that will provide savings in the long-term and, more importantly contributes to a better environment.

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