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The European science engagement conference Ecsite is next week from 9 to 11 June.

We are attending! Our project director Maarten Taborsky is involved in two sessions. The Hopin session in room #6 ‘Making sustainable exhibitions: where it all starts’ on Thursday and the Hopin session room #2 the ‘Idea-Jam!’ on Friday.  

The first session is organised by Christian Sichau, director exhibition development of Experimenta. In this session, Maarten is a speaker about his experiences with sustainable exhibitions. Sustainability is a pressing issue today, so it is important to share our knowledge about it!

Session description:
‘Sustainability is a pressing issue today – not only as a topic for the exhibitions we are showing, but increasingly also with the regard to the production of the exhibitions themselves. Production processes, energy consumption, or the materials used for exhibits and scenographic elements are becoming more and more important for any exhibition, regardless of its topic. Clients and exhibition makers have to find a new mutual understanding of what they mean by ‘sustainable exhibitions.’ However, new standards and production procedures are only slowly emerging.

In this session, two science centres and a production company present their projects and their experiences with this new endeavour to promote sustainable practices. Can we agree on a set of new standards for exhibitions?’

WHEN: Thursday 10 June | 15.00 – 15.45 | Hopin session room #6

During the Idea-Jam, Maarten wants to share the wildest ideas with a great team. In 2019, Experimentarium saw the birth of Ecsite’s very first Idea-Jam session. Many wild ideas were shared and at the end the participants gave the best feedback: “Best session ever!” Especially in 2021, this session must not be missed!

Session description:
The principle is simple: everyone gets one minute to share an idea that they’ve had for a science engagement initiative that hasn’t yet been realised. Let’s explore synergies through idea jamming… no idea is too wild for this session!

Rules of the session

  • No ‘buts’ allowed - open minds only
  • No ’advertising’ allowed - only strange stuff that isn’t out there yet
  • One minute per idea followed by one minute of ‘Yes and’ from the audience to see where we can take the idea

After our first selection of speakers are done jamming with the audience, the floor is open to anyone. We’d love to hear both ambitious aspirations and fleeting brainfarts.

WHEN: Friday 11 June | 16.00 – 16.45 | Hopin session room #2

Read the entire program of Ecsite here:

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