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Curiosity. That is what drives us. We love to find out how things work. Or why they won’t work. To come up with a solution. A solution that ensures that what we make are not just inanimate objects, but real experiences.

We are very happy that from now on we are able to fit this commitment to our showcases, because anticipating on our move to De Ploeg, we have expanded our operations with our own glass processing factory.

As an integral developer and builder of museum fit-out we know better than anyone how important the presentation is of objects. For the visitor is a showcase part of the museum experience but for a curator it’s very important that it’s valuable objects are exhibited in a professional and acclimatized environment. The wealth of knowledge and experience of Bruns in the field of glass and display techniques can be further developed and specialized from now on. With our own value systems we can offer our customers much more customized products so that the stories and objects come to justice.

Our glass processing factory is composed with equipment form the highest segment. Below a list with brief description of our amenities:

• Miter and grinder machine: Bavelloni VE500 V10
V10 mitering machine for processing single or multiple chamfers with variable angle from 0° to 45° are beneficial in today’s market. They are created specifically for loading heavy weights and can be configured with a wide range of options to be suitable for different production requirements. The innovative patented conveyor, with two motors electronically synchronized, allows the processing of big thicknesses and large glass sizes (up to 350 kg/m). This model can even be equipped with bigger racks (up to 5800 m height) for edging big sheets in complete safety.

• CNC, milling machine Bavelloni NRG330-3 CNC
NRG 330 is a high performance working center that can be configured according to customer’s specific requirements. Available in the 3 and 4 axis configurations, it can be customized with a wide range of accessories that allows all kinds of processing (edging, drilling, milling, polished engravings, cutting by disc, beveling, cup wheels polishing…). The powerful spindle and the high quality components offer high performance and absolute reliability.

• Glass cutting table: Macotec Mastershape 3.7FR Macotec Strato Active 3.7E
Laminated glass cutting table characterized by excellent ergonomic design: the absence of any obstacle on the machine front side allows operators to move freely during working, as well as the reduced height of cutting bridges ensures total visibility of working areas. Strato Active is an advanced technology equipment, providing rapid working cycles, PVB knife, ball-bearing circulation guides, parameter self-setting and optimizer.

• Racking system: OCS Schiavo CLV
Suction cup devices are one of the products in which OCS Glass has invested considerably in research and development. Particular attention has been given to safety, especially when these devices are used on building sites. The suction cup devices are available in numerous different models and with optional equipment to satisfy each and any need and demand in lifting and transporting glass sheets. Each device features a robust structure in electro-welded iron, double safety circuit and double vacuum tank to guarantee the gripping of the glass sheets even in the case of black out.

• Water purification: ForzaG T6 MINI
The compact and effective solution for water treatment for your grinding machine. The T6MINI machine is to be installed directly on one of the water tanks of your grinding machine and is continuously cleaning the grinding water with help of a centrifuge. With this solution a lot of maintenance costs can be saved and most probably the grinding quality will improve. Furthermore, the system doesn’t require any additional factory space since it is installed on top of the water tank.

• Drilling machine: Neptun Quickdrill 160-30 NC
Vertical drilling machine with numerical control for the execution of holes and countersinks on flat glass. It is featured by ease of use, quick programming through touch-screen, ensuring the highest speed and precision of the glass processing cycles. It’s simple and solid conception requires very low maintenance. The automatic spindle lock allows a safe and quick tool change. The mechanical construction offers a perfect protection against water and corrosion thanks to the pressing groups with integrated water collecting tank.

• Washing machine: Neptun LV Top 1642-20P
What probably is unknown is that for the quality of the processed glass its of the highest importance that the glass will be perfectly washed within half an hour after processing (grinding, polishing, drilling). This in order to prevent cutting debris catching on the glass. The washing machine LV Top is an easy-to-use machine, which from all points of view incorporates the main benefits of the superior Superinox range. Carefully conceived and designed for those who need a machine for efficient washing and drying with practically no maintenance costs. All parts in contact with water, including the washing and transport roller shafts, are made of stainless steel ensuring to LV Top a quality and duration which is clearly superior to the competition’s machines of the same range. We are Bruns, specialized in the development, production and installation of interactive exhibits and exhibitions. Our contribution is driven by an ambitious goal: to offer visitors a complete experience and maximum educational value. You will find it in the way we cooperate, in our flexibility and in our dedication.

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